FIRST LISTEN: Angels by The Strokes (RCA/Rough Trade)


NOTE: This is by and far the most tired sounding album by The Strokes. It is not up to par. Part of that may have to do with Julian Casablancas and Albert Hammond Jr both battling drug addictions. In fact, the recording sessions initially fell apart because Albert Hammond Jr went to rehab to straighten up his life. Unfortunately, his efforts were not what makes a great album. Julian Casablancas’ vocals on this album sound terrible and tired.

With a sloppy sounding album coming (Angels) out it is surprising that The Strokes are gearing up to begin recording another new album immediately.

FIRST LISTEN: ‘Belle & Sebastian Write About Love’ by Belle & Sebastian (Rough Trade Recs)

Belle & Sebastian Write About Love

Their next lp is due out Oct 11, 2010 and was produced by Tony Hoffer who produced their previous album.

It features Norah Jones and Carey Mulligan.

‘Write About Love’ by Belle & Sebastian (Rough Trade Recs)

The single from the new Belle & Sebastian Write About Love album is now out on iTunes (Sept 7).  The full album is planned for release Oct 12, 2010.  It will feature Norah Jones.  The album is being produced by Tony Hoffer (The Kooks, Phoenix, Depeche Mode, Beck).