Have you noticed that Lady Gaga’s ‘Alejandro’ is Ripped Off of ‘Fernando’ by ABBA?

The two songs follow a very unique and specific melody.  Furthermore they both laude a guy who they have decided to split from and whimsically lament doing so.  The similarities between the two songs are far too close and clear to be mistaken.  Lady Gaga even sings the name ‘Fernando’ in place of Alejandro in the line “Don’t want your fame, I don’t want your fame Fernando”.   For ABBA this was a smash song with many #1 chart rankings around the world.

That the song is influenced is admitted by Lady Gaga, however, one need only listen once to know that it is VERY VERY closely adapted from the song.  Instead, this time the song makes references to overwhelming attacks by Latin men and in the video depicts admiration for “Gay love”.  Perhaps we can forget the closeness as Lady Gaga did–it is no wonder she struggled with her very REAL Cocaine addiction.

Fernando (1976)

Alejandro (2009)