‘Bad, Bad World’ by Guster (Aware/Universal Republic Recs)

Last week Guster released to YouTube this video which is the 6th track from their upcoming album Easy Wonderful (To be released October 5, 2010).  Today, the band also released the single and the 2nd track of the album ‘Do You Love Me’ on iTunes.  Both are fun songs…especially because of Guster’s upbeat and playful harmonies.

Introducing Guster (Reprise Recs)

Guster are a phenomenally talented band from Boston, Massachusetts.  They can be heard featured on movies such as Martian Child, The Wedding Crashers, Disturbia, Life as a House, and many more.  They band’s most recent release ‘Ganging Up on the Sun’ peaked at no. 25 on the Billboard 200.  They are best known for their exciting and explosive live shows featuring lots of bongo work and their brilliant lyrics and harmonies.  Check out this acoustic version of one of the singles from their first album.