.An Experiment in American Music. (I)

Idaho (by Josh Ritter)

Illinois (by Sufjan Stevens)

Indiana (by Meg & Dia)

Iowa (by The Envy Corps, from Iowa, “The Keys to Good Living”)

The History of Rap with Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake, The Roots

From Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Sept 29, 2010.

‘Departure’ by Mt. Desolation (Island/Cherry Tree/Coop Recs)

Mt. Desolation is comprised of members of Keane, Mumford & Sons, and more.  They have even recruited Ronnie Vannucci Jr. (drummer of The Killers) to feature.  Their alt-country debut album (Mt. Desolation)  is due out Oct 18 (UK) & 19 (US).

‘Secret’ by Seal (Warner Bros/Reprise Recs)

 Seal’s newest album 6: Commitment is out as of yesterday.  The track “If I’m Any Closer” shows his incredible vocal ability on this album perhaps a bit better than ‘Secret’.  Watch out for a more inappropriate version of the music video for Secret–make sure you get the right one.

Seal has been married to supermodel Heidi (Klum) Samuel since 2005.

.An Experiment in American Music. (H)

Hawaii (by Meiko)

.An Experiment in American Music. (G)

Georgia (by Ray Charles)

‘The Fall’ by The Avett Brothers Feat. G Love

“The Fall”

The collaboration doesn’t stop there.  The Avett Brothers are producing G Love’s next album due out next spring.  They met through a Paste Magazine introduction and it turns out that The Avett Brothers were heavily influenced by G Love’s earlier material.

.An Experiment in American Music. (F)

Florida (by Modest Mouse)

FIRST LISTEN: ‘The Age Of Adz’ by Sufjan Stevens (Asthmatic Kitty Recs)

The Age of Adz

Two tracks from the album “I Walked” and “Too Much” are FREE for download via the official website here.

UNSTAGED: Spike Lee Presents John Legend & The Roots

**At about Time 57:40 the band covers the song ‘Wake Up’ by Arcade Fire which inspired the title for their album**