Velour Music Gallery (Provo, UT): BEST VENUES REVIEW

Velour Music Gallery may very well be our favorite music venue.  We love this place!  The sound is great and ultimately the ambiance is incredible!  The owner, Corey Fox, has effectively created an atmosphere for musicians.  He brings in AMAZING talent night after night and always provides a powerful crowd.  The joint is packed with college aged hipsters regularly.  Also, there is no smoking or drinking.  This is a clean venue and it is All Ages.  The sound guy is always on point and the walls of the building don’t shake or fall down (even when reaching capacity or tempted by the greatest dancing fans on this side of the Atlantic).   There are murals, brickwork, and toy horses hanging from the ceilings.  There is a warm mood at Velour akin to something from Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.  It’s surreally splendid.

Recent acts include: Location Location, Neon Trees (Mercury Recs), Paper Tongues (A&M/Octone Recs), Civil Twilight (Wind-up Recs), Imagine Dragons, The Non, Isaac Russell (Columbia Recs) Andrew Belle (Ten Out of Tenn), He is We (Framework NY Recs), Joshua James (Northplatte Recs), Parlor Hawk (Intelligent Noise/Northplatte Recs), Benton Paul, We Shot The Moon (Afternoon Recs), The Morning Benders (Rough Trade Recs), Sherwood (Sidecho/MySpace Recs), Teitur (Universal Recs), etc.