Why ‘Shine’ by David Gray (Virgin Recs) is Timeless. . .

This is some of the finest folk rock.  It is soul stirring and reflects the need to quit crying and shine.  Gray has cleverly chosen to tell a romantic story while thematically reinvesting in love and light.  It maybe a quintessential love song.  He brilliantly and spiritedly declares, “your soul is the one thing you can’t compromise” amidst references to silver moons, beach lines, wind and “wandering hearts … like a feather”.

‘Rambling Man’ by Laura Marling (Virgin Recs)

With it’s release in March 2010, the album I Speak Because I Can reached #4 on the UK charts, #1 on the iTunes UK charts.  It was nominated for a Mercury Music Award.  The second single was “Rambling Man”.  The song speaks with some anguish about deciding who one is…concluding that they are who they always were but that they do in fact undergo changes and loves.  It is polished folk music riding high on the same wave as musicians like David Gray, Joshua James, Ray LaMontagne and more.

Laura Marling was part of the original line up for folk band Noah & The Whale.