Introducing The Non (Unsigned)

The Non are Oklahoma City’s finest local band. They are an experimental instrumental group who’ve quickly captured many ears…including The Flaming Lips (who the band opened for on New Years 2009 and can be found standing backstage for The Non shows).

The Non recently packed the Sooner Theater (over 550 capacity) as a headliner for the 2010 Norman Music Festival and performed alongside a 25 piece orchestra. They performed next door to the Dirty Projectors (Domino Records). They also sold out a SXSW show this year and are currently on tour for their sophmore release ‘Tadaima’.

OK papers have championed the band recently dubbing them such titles as “Most likely to succeed”, “Oklahoma’s most important band”, “one of the state’s top creative entities of any kind”, “Best rock band of the year”.