Introducing Teitur (Universal/Arlo & Betty Recs)

 A brilliant musician, Teitur Lassen hails from Faroe Islands (Denmark) and quickly found a placement as a great folk singer/songwriter with debut album Poetry & Aeroplanes. Subsequently, he was names Best Male Musician at the Danish Music Awards in 2007 and 2009.

John Mayer (Columbia Recs) defended Teitur in Esquire Magazine stating that “the problem with watching it get smaller and smaller in my rear-view mirror is that it may be one of the best albums to come around in the last five years.” He also claimed that the “record company’s complete lack of vision for his career, has contributed to [Teitur’s] warming the bench at Universal Records.”

To date he has released 3 English albums and 1 foreign language album.  He is in the process of preparing a 4th English album via his own label.