‘Here Comes The Sun’ performed by James Taylor & Yo Yo Ma

This rendition was released in 2008 on a Christmas album by Yo Yo Ma called Songs of Joy & Peace.  Yo Yo Ma is a Chinese-American cellist and composer who has won 16 American Grammy Awards and is considered one of the most famous cellist of the modern age.  He studied at Juliard School of Music, Columbia University, and Harvard University.  He was appointed to the Presidents’ committee on the Arts and Humanities (2009).

James Taylor is an American singer/songwriter who has won 5 American Grammy Awards.  He is a member of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.  His greatest hits album alone sold more than 12 million copies in the US.

The original version of “Here Comes The Sun” was written by George Harrison of The Beatles and released on the album Abbey Road.