Parlor Hawk Announce Fall Tour (Intelligent Noise/Northplatte Recs)

Oct 14 The Coach House w/ The Weepies (San Juan Capistrano, CA)

Oct 15 Hotel Cafe (Los Angeles, CA)

Oct 16 Fork Fest (Headliner) (American Fork, UT)

Oct 22 The Complex w/ Matt Costa (Salt Lake City, UT)

Nov 3 Muse Music w/ Desert Noises & OK Sweetheart (Provo, UT)

Nov 4 House of Blues Restaurant (Las Vegas, NV)

Nov 5 Gypsy Den//First Friday in the Arts District w/ Desert Noises (Las Vegas, NV)

Nov 6 Hotel Cafe w/ Desert Noises (Los Angeles, CA)

Nov 8 Pirate Cat Radio (live) – 4PM

Nov  8 Luigi’s Fun Garden w/ Desert Noises (Sacramento, CA)

Nov 9 Hotel Utah Saloon w/ Desert Noises & OK Sweetheart (San Francisco, CA)

Nov 10 Caspar Inn w/ Desert Noises (Caspar, CA)

Nov 11 Berbatis w/ Desert Noises (Portland, OR)

Nov 12 Jillian’s w/ Desert Noises (Seattle, WA)

Nov 13 Sammies w/ Desert Noises (Rexburgh, ID)

Nov 19 Velour Music Gallery//Cowboys & Indies Fest 5 (Provo, UT)

‘Home’ performed by Parlor Hawk & Joshua James (Northplatte Recs)

  “Home” is from Parlor Hawk’s Hoarse & Roaring (2010) and was featured on the Yamaha/Tunecore Free Music Sampler which reached #1 on Free Downloads.  From the Rexburg Tabernacle in Idaho.  Both artists will perform at Fork Fest 2010 in American Fork, UT.

Introducing The Vibrant Sound (Northplatte Recs)

The Vibrant Sound is a movement of ingenuity. Combining eclectic styles from Los Angeles to New York, this trio has captured a sound that defies boundaries on all sides. Based on the songwriting slash lyrical delivery of leadman McKay Stevens, the Vibrant Sound came together to create music for ghettoblasters to speak through and people to connect to. Touching on issues of poverty, racism, and the media, this group is conscious of the community problems we all face. At the same time they keep it light and humorous on other tracks addressing relationships or nostalgic childhood memories. With a bowl full of soul they create an atomosphere with their music and live show that captivates audiences and keeps them bobbing their heads. Though originally based on Stevens’ acoustic flows, the addition of a human drum machine (Jacob Skaggs) and the warm vocals and jazzy guitar of Ed Eyre, has given this group a unique sound that can only be labeled as one thing, VIBRANT!

Our favorite Vibrant Sound lyric is from the song The Industrial Revolution:

“honor is truth and in a man’s handshake, but when a man breaks his word that’s a damn shame”

Their debut album Downtown (2009) is very entertaining, however, their live shows with bands including Imagine Dragons, Tyrone Wells, Neon Trees, The Flobots, Isaac Russell, Joshua James, and more are where they really shine.  And the band includes violinist Lindsey Stirling as seen on America’s Got Talent.


Introducing Joshua James (Northplatte/Intelligent Noise Recs)

JJ is an American folk/rock musician championed by Paste Magazine and we are pretty fond of his live performances too.  After his first album (‘The Sun Is Always Brighter’) went to no. 1 on the iTunes folk charts in 2007, Paste Magazine named him one of the “Next 25 Artists You Need To Know” (Sept 2008).    He then toured supporting artists including John Mayer, David Gray, Brett Dennen and Ani DiFranco.

Most remarkably, JJ has accomplished all of this on his own indie label–which signed last year another artist who later signed with Columbia Records.

In 2009 he released ‘Build Me This’ which Paste Magazine gave a 9.2/10 rating and dubbed “Phenomenal”.

Introducing Parlor Hawk (Intelligent Noise/Northplatte Recs)

From the mountains of UT comes a soothing blend of Neil Young and Wolfmother…

Parlor Hawk’s debut album ‘Hoarse & Roaring’ is excellent. We recommend that you check out their iTunes “Indie Spotlight Podcast” on Tuesday July 6, 2010.

‘Hoarse & Roaring’ features Branden Campbell of Neon Trees (Mercury/Def Jam Records), Pat Campbell (Tom Waits, Norah Jones), Joshua James (Intelligent Noise/Northplatte Records), Todd Burke (Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Gary Jules, The Kooks, No Doubt), and Reuben Cohen (Slumdog Millionaire Sndtrk).

The band is produced by Joshua James who is lauded by Paste Magazine as “phenomenal” and acclaimed by iTunes and Hotel Cafe.