‘Secret’ by Seal (Warner Bros/Reprise Recs)

 Seal’s newest album 6: Commitment is out as of yesterday.  The track “If I’m Any Closer” shows his incredible vocal ability on this album perhaps a bit better than ‘Secret’.  Watch out for a more inappropriate version of the music video for Secret–make sure you get the right one.

Seal has been married to supermodel Heidi (Klum) Samuel since 2005.

Introducing David Hopkins (Unsigned)

David Hopkins is an Irish sensation.  As the original songwriter for LiR (W.A.R.?), Hopkins had a #1 album on the Alternative Irish charts and a Top 10 hit (Magico Magico).  Subsequently, he toured with The Who as a keyboardist and did session work with Matt Nathanson and others.  Hopkins’ solo work included a handful of Top 40 hits in Ireland including “Merry Christmas, My Love” and the classic “Amber & Green”. In 2010 Hopkins released a somber duet with Damien Rice (Warner Bros Recs) titled “There Are Debts”.

Hopkins’ music can also be heard on National Lampoon 2: The Rise of Taj, The Hottie and the Nottie, The Year of Getting to Know Us, Speed Dating, and MTV shows including Real World Austin.