Introducing David Hopkins (Unsigned)

David Hopkins is an Irish sensation.  As the original songwriter for LiR (W.A.R.?), Hopkins had a #1 album on the Alternative Irish charts and a Top 10 hit (Magico Magico).  Subsequently, he toured with The Who as a keyboardist and did session work with Matt Nathanson and others.  Hopkins’ solo work included a handful of Top 40 hits in Ireland including “Merry Christmas, My Love” and the classic “Amber & Green”. In 2010 Hopkins released a somber duet with Damien Rice (Warner Bros Recs) titled “There Are Debts”.

Hopkins’ music can also be heard on National Lampoon 2: The Rise of Taj, The Hottie and the Nottie, The Year of Getting to Know Us, Speed Dating, and MTV shows including Real World Austin.