‘Full Steam’ by David Gray feat. Annie Lennox

Track from Draw the Line (2009)

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David Gray Live (KCRW)

David Gray
With tracks off of old and new albums intermixed in two sets he performs with his band live and answers questions on his songwriting process.

He also mentions a new tour tentatively titled the “Lost and Found” Tour approaching.

Setlists included:
Thin Blue Flame
You Can Almost See The Sea
Draw The Line

Why ‘Shine’ by David Gray (Virgin Recs) is Timeless. . .

This is some of the finest folk rock.  It is soul stirring and reflects the need to quit crying and shine.  Gray has cleverly chosen to tell a romantic story while thematically reinvesting in love and light.  It maybe a quintessential love song.  He brilliantly and spiritedly declares, “your soul is the one thing you can’t compromise” amidst references to silver moons, beach lines, wind and “wandering hearts … like a feather”.

FIRST LISTEN: ‘Foundling’ by David Gray (Mercer Street/Downtown/Polydor Recs)


The album (released Aug 16) is David Gray’s nineth album.

Described as a “private record”, Gray states that he has “never taken the dynamics [as] low as I have done on this record. I had to have faith in writing and understatement – the things I hold as my strengths. I’m as proud of it as anything I’ve done.” Gray’s commercial expectations, however, are low: “This record is going to disappear off the face of the earth, bar some freak occurrence.” Foundling is described as “the closing chapter for Draw the Line, and…needs to be presented in a different way.”