Imagine Dragons celebrate the 5 Year Anniversary of Velour Music Gallery

Playing to a sold out crowd with many more devoted fans outside the doors in the cold, Imagine Dragons headlined the 5 Year Anniversary of our favorite– Velour Music Gallery. This show set the bar high for 2011 concerts…It set the bar high for any concert I’ve ever been to. The room was filled with beautiful looking college hipsters who bounced jubilantly off of the walls and ceiling. They pumped their index fingers and fists into the air and the chorus sang every last lyric back to frontman Dan Reynolds. Moreover, the atmosphere was palpable as guitarist Wayne Sermon swung his guitar into the air between exquisit guitar licks. The band emerged triumphant with guns blazing, breathing fire in the truest sense. Their lyrics didn’t fail and they surpassed even openers The Vibrant Sound musically. Really fun evening!

It was fantastic to have them introduced with reference to their recent shows with bands like Interpol and The Temper Trap as well as upcoming Weezer concert. And, the crowd must have been impressed when they responded to the news that Imagine Dragons are featured in the most recent Real Salt Lake (pro US soccer team) commercials.

Purchase Imagine Dragons music.

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