Quick Note: How to Help Emerging Artists

Artists will need record labels to get their albums on the shelves in stores.

1. Record stores ought to listen to bands they know are getting buzz locally. They ought to allow promising acts to sell their albums in their stores without charging huge fees nearly 40 or 50% of the record. The idea is to build trust in the industry and to become a tastemaker as well as a sales outlet.

2. Record labels should come up with a real and effective way to block illegal downloads. Certain options are being entertained and our colleague Matt Pruitt has an excellent one–you might ask him. matt@hungrytigeragency.com
**Eliminating such a threat would allow labels to take more chances on “non-club” sounds and music.**

3. Local radio stations can be useful in helping push the hype–especially on their locals only shows. Press, of course, is very useful.

4. More all age or no alcohol, no tobacco venues should open up–these can provide a safer and more enjoyable environment for the dissemination of music. Younger fans are impressed by music too and can provide long term listening. More importantly, alcohol or tobacco riddled environments frequently produce poorer quality entertainment, production, and music. They also produce stupider lyrics and song meanings.

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