Why ‘Human’ by The Killers (Island/Def Jam Recs) is Timeless…

Unlike so much dribble from the music industry lately, ‘Human’, posses the quality of being believing. For argument sake, one could juxtapose Maroon 5′s most recent song ‘Misery’ and note that the singer is merely spitting out the same old sound, lyrics, and tricks. In the aptly named ‘Misery’, the protagonist notes that he has no answers, is “confused” about his relationship, and has no control over his life. Yet, Brandon Flowers’ ‘Human’ professes the bold question as to if we are, as Hunter S Thompson wrote, merely “a generation of dancers” or if we are simply and really human and living our lives the best we can…

There is faith in good living, and in giving “respects to faith and virtue/ send[ing] condolences to good/ giv[ing]…regards to soul and romance”.

Furthermore, the artist is not afraid to go “up to the platform of surrender”…to be “kind”.

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